Strategic Advisory


Strategic Advisory


Our Strategic Advisory Group provides innovative and independent advice with regard to important strategic and financial matters of our clients. Our focus is on developing long-term relationships with our clients as the exclusive advisor on strategic transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, privatizations, restructurings, private placements and financial advisory.

Our Strategic Advisory Group consists of experienced professionals with strong regional and global client relationships and broad industry expertise.

The Strategic Advisory Group works closely to gether with our groups in each of the Sectors, Geographies and Products matrix, the reby providing our clients with highly specialized transaction teams who have both the skill and the expertise to execute complex engagements. We provide a transaction team that is selected according to the specific industry and geographic profile of the assignment.The Strategic Advisory Group provides expert support invaluing companies based on corporate finance techniques and market and industry insights. We advise our clients on developing negotiation tactics and maximizing competitive positioning at every step of a transaction.

With the help of our Sector groups, we identify target companies in order to support our clients’ expansion strategy, and our advice include simplementing the appropriate financing structure for an acquisition. In this context we analyses conventional as well as Sharia compliant instruments. Our expertise is also relevant where companies seek to restructure their capital base in order to maximize there turn on the capital employed or tooptimize the risk profile of the capital structure.

We help our clients in the disposal of assets that are non-core to our operations but which may generate a high ervalue with another owner. We assess the value for a new owner, or can help our client to achieve the best asset valuation for is asset and implement a competitived is posal process to maximize value.

We aim to develop on going and long-term relationships with our clients and analyses each individual transaction inlight of the client's overall strategic goals. We seek to be our client's trusted advisor and to establish strong relationships that go beyond individual assignments.

More than 15 cross-border M&A transactions with blue chip institutions, namely

  • Issuance process of the 3rd mobile license in Iran (2009)
  • Batelco injection of 49% in Indian telecom operator STel (2009)
  • Strategic partnership between Mittal & SNIM for the development of Greenfield iron ore mines (2008)
  • USD 2.2 billion integrated mining project for Mittal Arcelor in Senegal (2007)
  • USD 400 million acquisition of Indago Petroleum by RAK Petroleum (2007)
  • Batelco acquisition of 20% of Sabafon (2007)
  • A number of private placements and equity-related transactions under execution