Sector Focus

Telecommunications & Media

The Middle East, Africa, and Asia regions are among the most rapidly growing markets for telecom & media services. MFC has strong relationships with a wide range of industry participants, including many operators in the rapidly consolidating telecom sector and a diverse set of companies in the growing media sector. Our Telecom & Media team is experienced in many industry verticals, including mobile and fixed telecoms services, satellite services, video programming and distribution, internet portals and content, and advertising. Our team members have been involved in strategic transactions ranging from privatizations, license auctions and cross border acquisitions to a diverse range of equity and debt capital raisings.

MFC TMT team has been active in a variety of countries including: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Iran, Oman, Bahrain, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali, Togo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Niger, Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Burkina Faso and Mauritania.

Financial Institutions

MFC’s Financial Institutions Group (FIG) is a leading advisor to major banking groups in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, across a number of product areas.

Our team provides advisory solutions to its clients whose needs are currently driven by the following key trends:

  • The ongoing consolidation in the sector spurred by globalization.
  • The decrease in inter-bank lending and overall liquidity levels due to the global financial crisis.
  • The wave of scheduled privatizations in the MEA region, whereby the local governments are looking to liberalize their financial sectors with the goal of modernizing their economies.

Energy & Resources

The Middle East holds 62% and Africa 9%of the world’s oil and gas reserves. These reserves are relatively under-exploited and will be drawn upon to meet the world’s demand for oil and gas. The MEA region is a prime target for infrastructure, services, and facilities investments, where MFC can play a crucial role mobilizing private capital and facilitating effective private investments in the sector. MFC has an extensive network of contacts and strong relationships with a wide range of industry participants.

Our Energy team is highly experienced and has been involved in numerous strategic transactions, including acquisitions, mergers, privatizations, licensing, and a diverse range of debt and equity financing. MFC is one of the very few service energy teams capable of providing its clients with a unique combination of expertise, a broad range of investment banking services, and access to top regional decision makers within the energy sector.

Diversified Industrials & Infrastructure

The Industrials sector continues to undergo rapid consolidation with increasing demands being placed on all market participants. In order to meet these challenges, MFC provides its clients with a unique combination of expertise, a broad range of investment banking services and access to top regional as well as global decision makers.

We operate in the following industry sub-sectors:

  • Transportation, Aviation & Logistics
  • Building Materials & Construction
  • Metals (Steel, Aluminum) processing & value-added industries
  • Agri-business (Feed ingredients, fertilizer, sugar, edible oils, etc.)
  • Consumer Goods
  • Engineering & Capital Goods